Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I hope I'm a friend to those who are my friends in times of need

As I said before, 2007 was a roller coaster year.

And thru it I found people who are really there for me when I need them.

If I just need a listening ear to repeat a thousand times of what I've said before, they were still there to listen to me.

If I feel like drowning my sorrows, they'll accompany me to drink.

If I wanna cry, they'll lend me their shoulders.

Everyone has their own lives to lead. And not all can be there 24/7 for you.
And I'm one who likes people around me when I'm happy or sad. I don't like to be lonely.
And if you realized, as we get older, our friends become lesser. But these are the truer friends who are left and I cherish all of them.

I realized that no one can always be there for you. Because, everyone is busy with their own lives. And I guess you just have to handle it and sort it out by yourself.
I'm easily depressed. And I get mood swings pretty often. I guess I'm a worrier. Even my "Suan Ming Shi"-fortune teller- says I think alot...too much.... about negligible stuff or watever.. And she asked me not to think or worry too much...if not I will get "You Yu Zheng"-Depression. boils down to yourself. Or rather, myself.
I am responsible for my own life. My own happiness.
And it takes sacrifices isn't it.....

I want to thank alot of people leh. I realized alot of people care about me. Haha. Shameless but I dun care. My blog wat I write whatever I want.

*Distracted by other stuff .......*

Okie. I'm gonna update again. Dar went to Brisbane yesterday le.....
Lonely.....I am so lonely....
I am nobody.....on my own.....ooooohhhhhhh........


Okie. My point is...

Thanks to whoever was there for me when I was down.

And I just want to say....
whoever of my friends who are feeling...not too good....

I will always be here. I may not always give good advices, but I just hope my presence and listening ears will help soothe the pain...or the matter how little impact I make.
And I'll pray everything will just gonna be all rite.....


Sunday, January 13, 2008

Rainy Sunday

*Warning...this is an extremely long post hor..

Sat 12/1/08

12th Jan is my friend Joelle's birthday. Haha dun think she reads my blog but....


Haha. My secondary school means we knew each other for....

15 years!!!!!!

OMG. I is getting so old can!!!!

In another 5'll be...20 years!!

Wah kau.

Went Ubi for lunch, then dar and the rest went to pak game. And I went for my appointment at West Mall. Hah. GPS sometimes is good lor. I will mi lu one can.

I used to have a note book that it's like a diary, and I'll keep track what I do and how much I spent. Yesterday I went Popular and I "xin xue lai chao" so I bought a planner to keep track again!

Haha. Na bei, I told Andrew about it then kena suan mah....he say sure write a few days liao sure wun write one mah. I must try lor...bleah.

Anyway after my appointment I wanted to go home. And my petrol tank is empty liao mah. And I can't really see nay petrol ksiok. Besides the GPS already lead me to BKE le mah, so I just went up lor. Then I scared I drive halfway car will stall mah. So I exit at CCK. NA BEI! No petrol ksiok there one ah! KNN. Imagine I drive very slow, and I super niao ji (urgent wan to pee), and there is no petrol ksioks!!! Pui. I have to stop somewhere and see the map lor...

Arrgh...No link again...

Supposed to meet the guys for dinner, but they want to go Simpang Bedok eat, and I dun want. Cuz there nothing to eat one mah except dar and me went to airport Sakae Sushi. Hah. We wanted to go Tampines mall one but we tot airport will be less crowded mah. How wrong are we. The people have dinner at 9 plus one lor....Well, I love jap food lor.

So off the airport was a very fat and full but satisfied feifei. Haha.

Then they went to Simpang Bedok pak game. Command and Conquer.

Wah lau. they say teach me teach me. Dar tell me halfway wat to do then left me alone to die liao. Everyone was building their own army mah. Then I dunno how to play mah....So I die lor. When Jason reached I just let him play. Then Andrew came also didn't play. Cuz no com available mah. Haiz. Then I just rot outside for like 3 hours plus to wait for them to finish lor...

"men si wo le"....

Went home and I decided to watch Good Luck Chuck.
Quite a nice and funny show.
Honestly, if really got this kind of "charm", he would die from fucking lor. Haha.

But, it's every girl's dream to find the right man. The one who you can live with forever happily ever after. I just watched the repeat telecast of a channel 8 show. Can't recall the title. The husband had an affair with his colleague mah. Haiz. Can men be faithful?
I know have lah. 1 in dunno how many only mah. But. Can't deny now guys also worry about the girlfriends....Well, I just hope me and dar can be happy forever...

BTW, he doesn't read my blog lor!! -_-""

Anyway, I was spending time to do up the photos from NYE. The Hong Kong one next time bah. Haha. Too many photos le!!!

With the ladies

With the guys..

We were trying to take a nice ladies group photos and all th e"lu ren jia" - passerbys- will start appearing....


See..the extras popping out again

The guys...

This is our Mr Andrew at 11.44PM....
Pls's PM hor....haven 12am he gone le....Hahaha

After countdown Andrew also down le


Dear Smarty ermmm......*puke*

"wo gen ni jiang....bu yao he na me duo mah...." ( I tell u..dun drink so much mah)

"Where got alot........Ooi Marvin dun tink I drunk I dunno you molesting me okie!!"

"but...but... I horny mah...., see my saliva on Andrew's shoulders??"

Every one was having fun...Chang N Celine getting drunk....

I didn't know Eric gets horny when he drinks too..

Let the stripping begin usual....
Now Marvin is the new target...But I think he's quite happy about it leh....wahahaha

Me and Esther tried to get the act cute face...But...cannot leh! i look so spastic can...

I just went around kissing people...

And lastly the love of my life....

Okie...I admit I also puked lah...later smarty gonna suan me again. Haha. But. I pukes at like 3am!! That's normal!!


Okie. I've been rotting at home the whole day doing nothing lor. Dar went gym and pak game so he pang sey me...Bleah..

Ok, going dinner at HKC le....Update soon!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Happy 2008!

Happy New Year everyone!!

Hee. I know...should have updated on the 1st..

BUt....Lim bu is having hangover mah...

Wahaha. Countdown with the peeps on New Year'e eve at St James Power House.

It was nice clubbing and counting down with a group of people you regard as friends.

This group of people had been a major part of my life in 2007.

Got to know them in 2006 after the FJC D&D, and I have been hanging out with them pretty often nowadays. Haha. Of cuz I can't deny that it's mostly because of Dar Dar. But, it gave me a chance to know all these wonderful peeps better!

2007 is gone. And 2008 we shall embrace.


What have I done?

Honestly. I dunno.

2007 had been a tough year. Roller coaster ride through the year I guess.

The Ups and Downs...Sometimes, I wonder have I lost myself in that roller-coaster ride....



I shall talk about happy thoughts first mah!


Pai sei. Kinda got lost there.


Was reading the smarty's blog and I honestly COULD NOT remember where the hell I spent my countdown in 2006 leh! Goodness. I am getting f*%king old liao can. No. I am becoming a goldfish. REALLY! I'm kinda getting very absent minded nowadays....Grrrrrggghhh..

I need more fish.
I mean real fish. Eat them.

Fish supposed to improve your memory right??

Man. This post has no connection at all. Haha.

Never mind. Just feel like blogging whatever comes to my head.

Oh. I hope Megan is enjoying her first day at school!

I've known Esther since....2004? And I've seen Megan grown these few years too.

Hah. She was quite quiet whn I knew her last time. Cuz she's not familiar with us and all.

And now...she's a smart and cheeky little princess! She damn funny one lor.

Haha. So fast and she's primary one liao! Hah. Esther very kiasu lor. Check out her blog...wahahah. But I think I will also be very kiasu like her...

Hmmm....I think hor I got alot of things I haven upload leh.

Ermmm....since Hong Kong to X'mas to New year!


Now I typing in the dark leh. Dar dar snoring away lor...

Too lazy to transfer the photos to the lappy and upload.'ll have to wait!

Just realized I haven surfed the forum for awhile..

*go surfs FJC forum*











*comes back*

Okie...nutting much in the forum...

Another thing....


1/1/2008 is our first year anniversary.

I think we kinda got together before that but both of us can't remember when we actually got decided it shall be on 1st Jan 2007 lor... -_-""

Anyway, just met the guys for lunch at Sizzler at Suntec and gai gai there. I having minor hangover mah...

The 4 guys more awesome...They actually played mahjong after clubbing!

Steady..I salute u guys lor...

Hahahaha...I ji tao is having random thoughts and I just type..then I go-stant read I realized abit got no link one leh. No wonder I fail my GP...wahahahaha...

Anyway, I just wanna say..

Dar Dar...I love you very much...Thanks for bringing joy to my life..

Although there's upz and downz...I hope we can be happy together as long as we can...

And have many more anniversaries to come...

Thanks for bringing laughter to me...take care of me when I blur blur most of the times...

Thanks...for just being there...You light up my life...

And I hope I light up yours too.....

At HK The Peak

At Macau
I hope we will have the chance to explaore and travel alot of other places together!

Love ya loads bei bei...MUACKS!!


Oh...and I wanna thank alooooooottttt of people leh.....

I think I shall leave it to the next post.

If not this post si bei long liao lor...

Okie...gonna sleep soon le...
Update soon!
Nite people....