Friday, March 27, 2009


I HATE Cockroaches

I saw a stoopid small XiaoQiang in my car!!!

When I was going back from Bottle Tree...after yaya's "she think 25 is very old auntie liao" Birthday celebration....the stoopid XQ was in the driver's seat!!!

Yes. I know it's the small one. But I scared mah!

The funniest part was, I was wailing away cuz Latte in the toilet mah. Then yaya shouted at him....

I was busy staring at my driver's seat...So I didn't really bother about what was going on...

Latte was describing to me about the scenrio:

Latte- walking towards his car

Yaya-shouting to him "AH JU KU LIAO...KUAI DIAN..."

Latte: "Har??? TA TU LIAO? (vomit)"

Yaya: "BU SHI...TA ZAI KU!!!"

Note: btw I wasn't crying la...

As i was saying...I was just looking out for the XQ.....

and then....

Then all I hear was *door closes*....*zoom zoom*.......*zoom zoom*....*zoom zoom*...

All zhao liao....

JUST nobody care about me lor!!!!!!

Wahahhaha...can you imagine the I so pathetic standing outside my car not daring to sit inside...then all my friends just zhao liao....LOL

Anyway, latte was sweet enough to let me drive his car and he drives mine.

I dunno where the hell is XQ. But I ain't gonna make him my pet. (Cuz latte got a pet lizard at home)

I HATE COCKROACHES. Why didn't they die along with the dinosaurs!


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