Thursday, May 28, 2009




I know my birthday has passed for over a month liao...cuz Miss Yaya keeps reminding me...

Haha..actually lots of stuffs to update, but just that very lazy mah..

Anyway, May was a month full of activities! Until one stage I just wished there wasn't anything on and I can nua at home and enjoy my bed with the air-con on. The weather is TERRIBLE!!

It's so freaking hot I can melt..

Yesterday met up with Marilyn darling for a cuppa coffee. Esther was supposed to join but she and Meg was sick. So me and Miss Chan was melting there till we actually drank beer in the hot afternoon...haha...we were pretty full from our lunch so we decided to push back dinner till next week and Esther n Meg can join us...


Nowadays, I di di meet up with GSS and YY couple...until I ham bin and dream of them...wahahaha...But you know I love ya two muchie also hor...kekekeke...

Well, going to driving range later with YY and Chua....and we are eating chicken rice for dinner.
Now to lose weight liddat?!!


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