Friday, March 27, 2009


I HATE Cockroaches

I saw a stoopid small XiaoQiang in my car!!!

When I was going back from Bottle Tree...after yaya's "she think 25 is very old auntie liao" Birthday celebration....the stoopid XQ was in the driver's seat!!!

Yes. I know it's the small one. But I scared mah!

The funniest part was, I was wailing away cuz Latte in the toilet mah. Then yaya shouted at him....

I was busy staring at my driver's seat...So I didn't really bother about what was going on...

Latte was describing to me about the scenrio:

Latte- walking towards his car

Yaya-shouting to him "AH JU KU LIAO...KUAI DIAN..."

Latte: "Har??? TA TU LIAO? (vomit)"

Yaya: "BU SHI...TA ZAI KU!!!"

Note: btw I wasn't crying la...

As i was saying...I was just looking out for the XQ.....

and then....

Then all I hear was *door closes*....*zoom zoom*.......*zoom zoom*....*zoom zoom*...

All zhao liao....

JUST nobody care about me lor!!!!!!

Wahahhaha...can you imagine the I so pathetic standing outside my car not daring to sit inside...then all my friends just zhao liao....LOL

Anyway, latte was sweet enough to let me drive his car and he drives mine.

I dunno where the hell is XQ. But I ain't gonna make him my pet. (Cuz latte got a pet lizard at home)

I HATE COCKROACHES. Why didn't they die along with the dinosaurs!

Monday, March 16, 2009


Special Day

Today is a very special day for me. Hmmm, I would say it's a special First Time.

I never reached this stage before mah. :p

Kinda very excited 'bout it. But it's like 3 years later then can get it is DAMN sian lah. But still, it's my Firstie! And now I wish time would pass faster so I can get what I've always wanted...sooner...

but hor, it may not be confirmed lei...

Bo pi it will proceed as planned.....

On the sidenote, I have to be stuck in the area which I detest in the past, for a very long time.

Thursday, March 12, 2009



I just wanted to be cheapo neh-neh and go for a $7 pedicure. yes, SEVEN DOLLARS.

So the cheapo neh-neh me went and enjoyed my cheapo neh-neh pedicure, thinking I will never sign any package. cuz recession mah!

The service is pretty good, ok place, And of course in between my pedi, there came the sales pitch. I thought I will not be swayed ( I am in sales wat. simi sales pitch.)


The package was really tempting!

And so, in my impulsiveness, I signed a package that is prolly 2 to 3 times the cost of a normal package?
I dunno. never signed any package b4. I think my package can let me go my manicure and pedicure like 35 times???

Nevertheless, I feel their service is pretty good and they have a wide range of other services too!
If you wanna know more can let me know, will be glad to refer that place to you. (Apparantly they only do referral business, not sure how true it is :x)

So, there goes my crazy little impulsive pampering! -despite the recession. Bleah.

Sunday, March 8, 2009



Yesterday I just got to know I got a new nickname.

My surname is Mock...and with my name...

I got alot of nicknames la...

Julie la
Anna la
ah ju la
ah mock la
mocky la
mocky mock la
julia-ma la
juju la

and I think still got a lot more lah.

And I still have another nickname....

Called Mocka.

I didn't get it at first.....

Then they told me it meant Mocha....but spelt Mocka...


Dar's surname is Tay, they always call him Ah his nickname is Latte....

Now...they call me Mocka....aka Mocha....


Latte and Mocha!

Why hadn't I thought of it before?!

So I shall start the loving story of the cuppa coffees of Latte and Mocha.....

Woo Hoo!


Anywayz.....out of point...but....

I really have to get Yishun meh?????? Meh meh meh???

Really meh???????


*pulls hair*

I really do not like the North very much. Abeit the fact I had been staying here for the past 2 years. But, I still like the central alot mah!


I is so irritated now.

I shall not care anymore.

Pui pui pui.

Friday, March 6, 2009

I know!!

I know I know!!!!

Yesh.....I haven't update recently...hahah

I kinda just enjoy reading other people's blogs. Cuz I am just not a writer lah...

Anyway, I had my haircut just now. Now it's really short!
With the dut-dut fringe!

Hahaha...haven take photo lah. Will do it soon.....
(Yes my definition of soon and your soon is different :p)

I am going to watch Marley and Me with Yaya and Alvin....

I think it's gonna be a great show!