Saturday, August 15, 2009

Boring Sat

Boring Saturday....

Sweetheart is out the whole day dekitting his car. So I'm home alone.

Woke up at 2pm!! It's so boring!

And I'm so bored of the food downstairs that I cooked maggi mee, and campbell soup for lunch. Hah.

Have been Fb-ing and watching TV the whole day.

Actually, life in Singapore is so boring!

Honestly, besides work, all we can do is

Watch movie.
Watch DVD.
Play MJ.

See!! I seriously dun think there is much to do. Hahahahahahhaha...

Life is soooooo boring sometimes...

I need a life!!!!!!!!!

Actually, I need a drink.

I haven had a drink in a long time.

Now now, when was the last time I had a drink?

Think it was 3 weeks ago with Apple and Stella. But, I went late and so I didn't drink muchie.

Well, I hope to have a good drink with my besties soon!!


I hope tomorrow we can all go to Science Centre!!!

Must confirm with them. Yeah yeah I want to go SC and see Da Vinci mah...


And diet plan is super failing.

It's so farking difficult to not eat rice, bread, noodles and most carbo!

Knn, then liddat eat simi?!

Nothing mah!!

Then lim bu dunno how to cook. And so naturally will eat outside ma.

And's farking tough to diet lah. Pui pui pui.

Thou shall just remain fat. Hahaha..

Maybe my new blog addy should be



Friday, August 14, 2009

Dead Blog

Blog? What Blog??

I dun seem to be blogging nowadays.

Cuz there simply isn't much to blog about.

Anyway, mine is an ultra boring blog. Hahahah...

I am sooooooooooooo lost. I feel like I have not achieved anything yet in my life...and it's like....

I'm useless. Bah.

That's a pretty gross feeling.

Sounds like mid life crisis and depression to me. hah

I have so much to think and worry about. And that's the worst part. I just think.

Think and think and think and think and think.

And probably, since the last time I remembered, I have been thinking of the same damn things that I had been thinking.

Means nothing has changed!


I hate this.



By the way, I am thinking of shifting my blog to wordpress too cuz this farking blogger always has problems. And yes....I like the password protected part. Tee hee hee.

Hey, do I need to pay for that?? I also dunno siah.

And so......I am trying to figure out a new blog name, and I can't think of anything!
Pardon my lousy english lah. I am seriously not a very creative person. Hah.

My blog started with tequilajulez. Just becuz I love tequila shots last time.

And then, I changed to tequilafit. Cuz Lim bu drives a fit.


Any suggestions???