Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Whole day training today.

So freaking tired.

Ok. I just uploaded the photos in FaceBook...so....lim bu is very the tired to post now.

So..will post again.

Tomorrow got test somemore. Na bei.

Ai kun liao.

Wan An...

But one photo in case you miss me...

Friday, April 18, 2008

Happy Birthday to ME!

Happy Birthday to me...

Happy Birthday to me...

Happy Birthday to meee......

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


MY GOD....

Shocking...I still haven digest mah. Still, it's just another day.

Today Dar working so I went back office mah.

Met Freda for coffee and we were discussing about our life and work. Hah.

So depressing.

Her birthday was on the 6th so we are both Aries.
We are similar yet different.
But nevertheless, one of my best friends!

My birthday was celebrated at East Coast. Wah lau. It's really tiring and shag to organise a chalet mah. Everything must buy, prepare, eat, then clean up.

Luckily and special thanks to Raymond and Polly and Spoonz Eric who helped me out. If not I think jia liak le.

Today met dear Polly, Raymond, Elyn and Berry for dinner at Sushi Tei. The food sucks mah....

But thanks for having dinner with me!

And we adjorned to Villa Bali to chill out. Dear Berry and Elyn bought a small Strawberry shortcake for me. Haha, so wu sim mah. Thanks dearies!

Well, the chalet photos in my lappy, now using dar's lappy to blog. So those photos have to wait!

@ Villa Bali

The Gals

Polly and Berry

Elyn and me

Dar, Ray and Chang

Eric and Jason5512

My cute little strawberry shortcake!

Happy Birthday to me!!!!!!!!!!!!

My precious Dar dar

The pressies that the peeps gave.

My pressie from Dar Dar...Thanks too! Muacks!

Hee. Anyway, 29 le. It's gross to think of it. Haha. Many has messaged me that I'm joining their club mah (the 30's club) BUT....I'll never catch up with you....kakakakaka....

Really thanks to my dearest friends...
The peeps:

Raymond & Polly
(for helping me buy & prepare the food)

Marvin & Berry (for cleaning the floor :) )

Tortoise & Jamie (for the extra liquor)

James & Fishball (for helping me eat!! And running over polly's foot purposely unintentionally)

Kenneth & Esther ( Ken helped me eat alot...second round...hahaha)

Andrew (looking cute with the nerdy glasses-ps I'm writing this cuz I know u will read...wahahhahah)

Eric Spoonz (for getting the otah n satay..and sorry for the summon)

Marilyn & Kelly (for the belachan chilli...love ya all! Esther too!)

Elyn (for the Chivas and making a scene when she half drunk )

Eric & Seline (for helping me clean up)
Chang & Celine (for the bee hoon!! Really nice!)

Jason5512 (for the cake)

Wapiang (for the shocking "exposure" in the bathroom)

Flow-er & Chub-bee (for bbq-ing the chix wings. Chubee got skill one mah!)

Keegan & Cheryl (for helping me eat!)

Thanks to all for coming!!

And of cuz my dearest darling who helped me with the food......and just being there for me...with me....

Thank you all my friends....and those who sent me sms wishes...thank you all!!

P.S I got friend one lor... :P

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

My Birthday is coming!

My birthday is comingggggggggg.....!! Woo Hoo!!!

Hee. Dunno to be happy or sad.

I love birthdays.....But it's abit scary when it's the LAST number TWO I'll see in my entire life ever again.

Duh. Suddenly it crossed my mind that...

Among Esther, Marilyn and Kelly.....I am the youngest...WAHAHAHHAAH....

But. Kelly always seem to be the youngest one. Kaka...
Sorry babes...no pun intended! But...Apple still younger mah...Hee.

Anyway, I'll be celebrating my B-day at East Coast next Saturday, Hopefully it'll be fun!
And hope I wun get drunk or anything man. The bunch of peeps is siao langs one.
Though everytime the drunk ones are not the birthday boy/girl....it's always someone else. Haha.

I just finished my exam on sat. I took my AFP...sibei difficult can! I think I'm gonna fail it lor.
Nothing much on the weekends though.

Watched Three Kingdoms on Sat.

Blur Tortoise booked the wrong day for our tickets and we ended having to watch at the first row! But thankfully...we si bei heng. Managed to find seats behind and no one actually came to take the seats! Hah. Are we lucky or wat.
The show was not too bad. Though I know shit about Three Kingdoms-San Guo Yan Yi.

I dun really know the what nots one....Haha. Sometimes I really feel I quite ben dan(dumb) one. Hee. Anyway, the show is watchable la. But not at the first row. think you will puke.


Anyway, yesterday 6th Apr is my dearest Freda's birthday!!
Happy Birthday babe!
May you stay pretty and lovely always and may everything be smooth going for you!
Love ya tons! Muacks!

Note: Dun think she reads my blog lor...wahahahaha....

My dearest friends asked me what I wan for my birthday mah.....

Tortoise asked...what I need...

Hmmm....I reckon now everything is a want!

Haha. I got my camera and lappy le. So now left all my wants....but....they are not cheap mah....
Haha...so I haven reply..Hee...

Actually, I keep wondering what dar dar will get for me...

He is that sort that just ask me what I want then bring me to buy de... :(

Think men all liddat one ah? Men prefer you to get something that is needed and makes sense one mah. So they rather tell you what they want so you won't go get something that is totally unneccessary but you actually thought it was sweet. -_-"

Haha. Well, I dun think this year is gonna be any different...but still...

I'm still that sweet, young little girl that loves surprises!!

Gotta go pay for my chalet tomorrow le...and plan my food!!
Wah lau...quite tao tia mah...

But I hope all my friends enjoy themselves! It's more of like....most of us haven been to a chalet for a pretty long time le....So excited!!!!

Okie. Gonna sleep soon so will update again!

Tata and love all who loves me for who I am.....Muacks...