Friday, August 14, 2009

Dead Blog

Blog? What Blog??

I dun seem to be blogging nowadays.

Cuz there simply isn't much to blog about.

Anyway, mine is an ultra boring blog. Hahahah...

I am sooooooooooooo lost. I feel like I have not achieved anything yet in my life...and it's like....

I'm useless. Bah.

That's a pretty gross feeling.

Sounds like mid life crisis and depression to me. hah

I have so much to think and worry about. And that's the worst part. I just think.

Think and think and think and think and think.

And probably, since the last time I remembered, I have been thinking of the same damn things that I had been thinking.

Means nothing has changed!


I hate this.



By the way, I am thinking of shifting my blog to wordpress too cuz this farking blogger always has problems. And yes....I like the password protected part. Tee hee hee.

Hey, do I need to pay for that?? I also dunno siah.

And so......I am trying to figure out a new blog name, and I can't think of anything!
Pardon my lousy english lah. I am seriously not a very creative person. Hah.

My blog started with tequilajulez. Just becuz I love tequila shots last time.

And then, I changed to tequilafit. Cuz Lim bu drives a fit.


Any suggestions???


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