Thursday, May 29, 2008

Day 2 without him

Day 2 without dardar's just the second day...47 more days to go!

Today wasn't very productive..and I'm still feeling sucky about everything.
Oh well. Damnnnnnnnn...

Wanted to upload the photos when we were at Power house..but I'm just too lazy!!

Haha. Hey Adrw...I also want the photos you took at Power House....send send send!!

Okie...tomorrow is gonna be a busy busy day...
Gonna concust soon...nite everyone...

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Day 1 without dardar

Day 1 without Dar Dar

Yesterday Dar left for Qatar le. I sent him off at the airport along with Eric and Ah boon.

Although it's only 2 months, but it seems like a long time to me.

Some of you will think it's "sticky", but I haven been without him for so long before.

Think the max was 5days to a week?

Anyway, will be missing him muchie!!

Us at the airport

Dar Dar bought me a new wallet!! So sweet of him...Love ya tons!
He say I can hug my wallet and sleep while he's not around..hahah

Got to run le....

Update soon...

Missing him...

Monday, May 26, 2008

6 more hours to go

6 more hours to go...

And I won't be able to see him for 6 weeks.

I know. Some will say it's not a very long time. But, it's the first time I won't see him for such a long time. So far, the longest I've been away from him is probably a week at most?

Haiz. I am so gonna miss him much.

Later will be sending him off at the airport...So scared I will cry non-stop...haha.


Still coughing away. Hope will recover soon.
Yes alot of photos and posts not updated!

Will do soon ya...

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Man U won!



WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

So exciting can!!

Penatly shoot out...I've been wiating for that for a long time...

When Ronaldo missed that shot I thought Man U is dead for sure...
But Terry missed one too...and....
The man of the match would be Van De Sar for me!

He saved the last shot and woo hoo!!!!!!

Glory glory Man United!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Haha. Dar will be staying at Eric's place then he will go to work in an hour's time...
Me have to go home alone le....
Good Morning everyone!!!!!!




I just realized I haven updated my blog for... a month!! is so lazy mah.

Anyway, guess wat. I'm at Eric Spoonz place now watching soccer with dar dar.

Super far can...Pasir Ris... -__-"

Anyway I have alooooooot of photos to update.
I know I know!!!

Dar dar leaving soon le... I is so sad.
Well, will have time to update soon....

I'm actually feeling abit sickish now....
Like...very heaty kinda feeling. My nose and throat is not feeling well.
I ate two panadols jut now. But I guess it didn't really help.
Still feeling giddy and having a slight headache.

Well....last Friday had some fun with my darlings!!
In the end I dragged Esther, Marilyn and Kelly down to Lunar. Even Karen went along too.
Hah. Surprisingly I was not drunk!!
Ta daa....and as usual Mar high high again. And we had a huge episode with the stoopid waitress there. Anywayz...will post the photos up soon.

Will probably be going Lunar this coming Friday again...before Dar goes abroad...
Hopefully it will be fun!

Okie...second half of the Champions League starting soon...
Man U vs Chelsea
I hope Man U wins!!!
Glory Glory Man United....Glory Glory Man United....