Monday, August 27, 2007



It's a Monday....again....
Haha. Got nothing much to update leh...Went movie with the peeps on Sat.

I must say the show is good...especially the hokkien songs. (I want to go buy the soundtracks!)
*Ji nang ji bua...gam qeng buay sua....*
Wah. I think I'm the only "ham bao" (crybaby) lor. I cried almost at the middle of the show till the end leh...

The songs all so meaningfull..and sad....

I got alot of "gan chu" (err dunno how to translate leh...feelings??).

It's like. Life is so short. And there are people who have alot of things they want to do but got limited time. And there are people who have a hell lots of time but they dunno what to do (I think I belong to this category).

I feel like my life is like so wasted can.
Got no meaning like that.

I must find a whole new meaning to my life. Live life to your fullest!!

Another thing is parents ALWAYS "zui ying xin ruan" one!! (mouth hard heart soft)
I love my mama and my papa....must tell them I love them more often....

Anywayz...I got to pia for my work liao. Left 3 months to hit my quota. Si bei stress.
Haha. But...I'm going HK end of the happy!!! Although it's 3 months later...but I still sibei happy cuz I never go before mah. So I must woork I can save more to go shopping!! Then Dec can "pang gang" (off work) liao!!!!!!!! Woo hoo!!!

So hor...anyone keen to do Financial Planning hor come find me hor. No obligations de lah. At least let me show you what we have to offer....

Okie....will update again liao. Bye bye.

Friday, August 24, 2007


Someone just asked me

"Why yr MSN always sad one....U never happy de ah?"

I just wanna be happy....

I must do something about my life liao.

Friday, August 17, 2007


I know I haven been updating...

But...I'm just too lazy!!

Haha...anyway have been feeling very stressed lately...So...dun feel like updating.

Oh well...My darling is sick wor. He had a slight fever and cough. Took his meds so he's feeling abit better.

Went for a soya beancurd session at Selegie just now. Dar had a good rest b4 heading down to meet the guys. Wah lau. I super full can. I think I ate alot of shit today. Guess my diet's all wasted. Hah. Must start again. Damn it...

Okie. I'm really sleepy'

I'll just post a few photos bah.

Birthday boy James aka Chou Ba Guai...

The peeps

Spoonies AGAIN..

You know why the photos dun really have James???

Anywayz...will upload the photos soon...
Wa Ai Kun Liao *I want to sleep already*

Good Nite

Friday, August 3, 2007


Haha...going for meet up later.

Tonite I want to chiong leh...But...tomorrow going DF for ah James's BD liao..
Dar dar duty I very free ah.

Okie...will update again.

I miss dar dar already....

Thursday, August 2, 2007

My God...

I just finished watching 5 episodes of Mars and Venus.
And I probably cried like every episode can.

Alot of things on my mind.
Alot of feelings and "gan chu" these recent weeks....
No time to blog.
No time to think.
Dunno what I'm doing.

Goodness....I sound like I'm in depression.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Sorry haven been updating...

Alot of things happened and alot of things took place!


I'm not going to update now.
Too many things on my mind.
I'm going to pang sai and sleep liao...
It's *looks at time* 2.47am liao.
Na bei. Time to sleep.

Update again lah. Miss me okie....bye bye...