Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Just a note

Just a note for myself

I had an appointment which was good..but also not so good.....
Anyway I was feeling quite sucky.

So I called Freda...chatted for awhile.
And then I decided to call dar dar.

Me: " Dar...I very sad mah...just now my appt was ok lei, he wanted to buy...but he wants to terminate his current plan(which was not sold by me)"
Dar" uh huh...then..."
Me: "blah blah blah i very sad lor...."
Dar: "orh...."
Dar: :ya..."
Dar:" ok...bye bye"

I so angry mah...just wanted to chat with him...tell him how I feeling mah...
Upset mah...and he playing game....


He sent me an sms like half an hour later...saying..
"Dun sad. Things will be better. Love you"


Bei bei is so sweet sometimes mah.....

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

yeah I know

Yeah I know....

Haven been updating.

Dunno what to update...
Seems like there are alot of things to update...
But....also dunno what.

Oh well...

Will update soon...

I hope....

Note: Am looking forward to see all the girls this Friday!!! Woo hoo!!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Stress again


It's a rainy tuesday...

And a boring one as well.

Have tons of photos to usual....

The F.I.R Concert we went on pre National Day...

Us....Thanks to Eric Too for the tickets!!

Polly is damn excited abt FIR

Ok my lappy is low on batt so will update again..

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

So Pissed off

It's so frustrating when you quarrel over someone which is NOT even related to me!

I'm just being a F**king KPO.

Please. It's NOT even my son.

I guess my concerns are just being wasted.
Why the fark I should be bothered.

So what if I'm not using.
Yes I gave it to him to use.
But not play EVERYDAY rite??
If I take back. Machiam I wrong.
Now, it's so FULLY utilised I think I never even use so much before I bought my new one.

Arrrghh. Not my problem.
I shall SHUT my farking mouth up next time.


Monday, August 4, 2008

Monday Blues

It's Monday AGAIN....

I dun really like Mondays....

I'm stressed stressed stressed!!

Got alot of things to do....

Alot of things to update...

Alot of quotas to hit....

Alot of people to call....

haiz. I'm just so stressed!

Some updates:
3-8-08 Sunday

Slept till like 5pm!!
Gosh. It's like the whole day wasted sleeping!!!
Anyway, we just prepare to go out to meet his colleagues for dinner at Coca cuz Kok Wee came back from his training liao.
Was damn full lah!!'s so evil...

Anyway we all haven't watch Money Not Enough 2 so we just went ahead to watch it inpromtu...

And we were all late for the show cuz we wanted to get drinks and snacks and the cashier at the counter was damn slow la! Plus there was a long queue....NB

The show was nice...but I felt the quality at Shaw abit sucky la.
The seats were horrible. Gave me a headache.
And the screen like damn small lei....

Anyway, I still cried like nobody's business.
And I was trying damn hard to control myself cuz I was sobbing liao!!
And when I sob I very noisy de...

Nice show.....abeit the hokkien abiot cheem for me I have to read the subtitles...hahahha..

After that went home..
Nua, FB...watched my Anime show Blood Plus....koon.

2-8-08 Saturday

Woke up at 1plus.

Joined the guys at Ubi for lunch. Eat chicken rice again. haha.
Dar was getting sick of it. But I like lei.

After that got nowhere to go. Dar wanted to go suntec eat his Yami yogurt but it's damn hot plus it's gonna be damn crowded so I dun wan to go...
So we went home nua instead...

Last minute then we decide to go out again.
Met Ray & Polly, Winnie & Ad for dinner at Chinatown porridge at 10pm.
And we went KTV. Wanted to go to the cheapo neh-neh place but it's fully booked.
Na bei. Went Party World instead.
Haiz. Still no voice to sing lah.
So angry.
Finished around 3 plus and went home le.

1-8-08 Friday

Went to Far East alone again.
Still didn't figure anything out...
And I stained my jeans lah!!

Ran to Watsons to buy pad. And change. Lucky my jeans colour dark cannot see...
Na bei...

Went to meet Ding Ding and Ah Da at TPY.
There was FJC meet up that night. Dar went first. I wanted to go but we were happily chatting away that I decided not to go down.
After that went Great World meet the guys to watch The Mummy.
Ray & Polly, Winnie & Ad, Chang & Celine, Dar & me.
Berry wanted to accompany her mummy to watch The Mummy so she didn't come. Haha. So funny mah.

After the show went home liao...

I always wonder...

Why cockroaches are called "Xiao Qiang"...

And I have been wondering....until I asked Dar that night why are they called xiao qiang.
Then I realized that there was a story behind it!
You know???

I'll reveal in the next post.....muahahahahhaha.....